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These days it seems you don't need to look far to see negativity focussed at men. This has been getting steadily worse. What is often known as casual misandry permeates western civilisation. Many men and women in the west (and elsewhere) will commonly make negative statements about men without apparently regarding this as a problem or being challenged by anyone else present. This problem has steadily deteriorated and we have now reached the point that books with titles such as Are Men Necessary?[1] and The End of Men[2] can be published without significant objection from the wider community.

In recent years the Men's Rights Movement has been expanding rapidly. From being a fringe movement as recently as 2010 it is rapidly going mainstream as increasing numbers of men and women are seeing misandry for what it is and objecting to it.

Never the less, we still have a long way to go for the broader community to recognise that men as a group have legitimate concerns.

Recently a Munk Debate was held entitled Men are Obsolete. This has brought hate speech against men in public discourse to an all new level. This site will publish factual information about men and women. The focus will be on positive information for and about men, but sometimes negative statements about women will be made (with citations). Some will no doubt be offended by this, but so be it. The gloves are off.

This site is intended to help readers recognise the positive side of masculinity that is often forgotten in the public discourse today and to dispel myths about men.

Look at the world around you and you will see the results of the labours and inventiveness of men. This does not down play the contributions of women, but in a world so eager to downplay and marginalise men and their accomplishments, it is necessary to set the record straight.

We are keepers of rationality and evidence based conclusions.

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Over 200 studies from universities and organizations like the following have PROVEN Domestic Violence is gender equal and NOT gender specific.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY - The Harvard Health study found that when violence was one-sided, meaning unprovoked, both men and the women themselves who took the study said 70% OF THE TIME IT WAS THE WOMEN WHO COMMITTED VIOLENCE AGAINST THE MEN.